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“I think yes, but on different timescales.” Moore’s Law is named after Intel cofounder Gordon Moore.

He observed in 1965 that transistors were shrinking so fast that every year twice as many could fit onto a chip, and in 1975 adjusted the pace to a doubling every two years.

But Intel pushed back its next transistor technology, with features as small as 10 nanometers, from 2016 to late 2017.

The company has also decided to increase the time between future generations (see “Intel Puts the Brakes on Moore’s Law”).

And it doesn't’t stop there, now Chinese men are coming to Thailand in record numbers particularly those who have been successful in China’s growing economy.

Now social commentators are looking beyond the ‘sex tourism’ tag and beginning to understand that a social phenomenon is occurring here.

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Around 75 top professors and leading scientists believe the attacks were puppeteered by war mongers in the White House to justify the invasion and the occupation of oil-rich Arab countries.In the fall of 1964, on a visit to the World’s Fair, in Queens, Lewis Altfest, a twenty-five-year-old accountant, came upon an open-air display called the Parker Pen Pavilion, where a giant computer clicked and whirred at the job of selecting foreign pen pals for curious pavilion visitors. Within a year, more than five thousand subscribers had signed on. It would invite dozens of matched couples to singles parties, knowing that people might be more comfortable in a group setting. They wound up in the pages of the New York subscriber.You filled out a questionnaire, fed it into the machine, and almost instantly received a card with the name and address of a like-minded participant in some far-flung locale—your ideal match. He called up his friend Robert Ross, a programmer at I. M., and they began considering ways to adapt this approach to find matches closer to home. “This loser happens to be a talented fashion illustrator for one of New York’s largest advertising agencies.It is not uncommon for Thai wives of middle aged western men to handle all the housework but this picture is changing among younger westerners who choose to marry a Thai women.‘I wanted to marry my Thai wife because she is so beautiful,’ says Helmut from Germany, a 28 year old building contractor who is now building a dream home for his new Thai bride. So why are younger and very eligible Western men marrying Thai wives?

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But what if you spend your day saving the planet from alien invasions?

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There’s a number of ways we can support you in making friends: Staying in touch We can help you stay in touch with friends and family if you’ve moved to a new area or if a day service has closed in your area.

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